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Algorithms in Java Part 5 Graph Algorithms
Robert Sedgewick
Robert Sedgewick continues his discussion on algorithms in java with the second book of his Algorithms in Java series. Graph algorithms is Part 5.

My favorite aspect of this book is the fact that Robert talks about algorithms in a very generic sense. As algorithms should be discussed. But then he shows me how to use and construct these algorithms using a language that I am familiar with; Java.

Robert wastes no time jumping right into the topic of discussion. And from cover to cover there are code samples, illustrations, graphs, and very understandable explanations.

Anyone reading this book better know what they are getting into. This book assumes more than intermediate knowledge of the Java language, but assumes nothing about your knowledge of graph algorithms. So be prepared to be intrigued, a little confused at times, but most of all, educated.

(Gregg Bolinger - Bartender, October 2003)
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