Win the hottest new Java teaching book on the block

Head First Java

Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates have kindly donated a signed, yes signed, copy of their latest book, Head First Java, to the 1st person that posts the correct solution to their JavaCross crossword from chapter 10 of their book.

If you wish to win the book you must post your attempt in the thread JavaCross in the Java in General (beginner) forum here on the JavaRanch. The thread will be started by myself, Johannes de Jong, on April the 3rd. I'll attempt to start the thread as close to 07:00 am server time as possible.

So set your alarm or try and stay awake, depending on where in the world you are, as the post time in the thread will determine the winner. If you edit your reply to change your attempt, the entry becomes invalid. If you want to change your attempt, post a new attempt.

Good luck


  This puzzle is focused on Chapter 10 content (exceptions), but anything from the first nine chapters is fair game.  
  Across   Down    
  1. To give value
4. Flew off the top
6. All this and more!
8. Start
10. The family tree
13. No ducking
15. Problem objects
18. One of Java's '49'
20. Class hierarchy
21. Too hot to handle
24. Common primitive
25. Code recipe
27. Unruly method action
28. Defined behavior
29. Start a chain reaction
2. Currently usable
3. Template's creation
4. Don't show the kids
5. Mostly static API class
7. Not about behavior
9. The template
11. Roll another one off
the line
12. javac saw it coming
14. Attempt risk
16. Automatic acquisition
17. Changing method
19. Announce a duck
22. Deal with it
23. Create bad news
26. One of my roles