Book Review of the Month

Webmaster In a Nutshell
Stephen Spainhour, Robert Eckstein
Webmaster In a Nutshell is a conglomeration of reference materials for today's web developer. Nary a web development project goes by when you're not called on to remember something that you'd done so long ago that you can't quite remember how it goes. That's where this book comes in. Webmaster In a Nutshell covers everything from HTML syntax to dynamic content to server performance and everything in between. Keep in mind that this is not a become a webmaster in 24 hours book. Unless you've done a good amount of web development in the past, it's doubtful you'd get much out of this text. The reference materials are great, but this text is not designed to teach you to be a web developer. Rather, it's a handy reference for the jack-of-all-trades that is today's web developer.

The writing is very straightforward and little time is spent on introductions of topics. In most cases, a topic will have just a couple pages of introductions followed by many pages of reference materials. With the exception of PHP and XML, which are covered heavily in this text, it's doubtful that you'll learn any technologies from scratch with this book. However, as a reference for technologies that you already have experience with, this book succeeds brilliantly. It covers a wide range of technologies and is remarkably complete and concise everything a webmaster could would want in a reference text.

(Corey McGlone - Bartender, February 2003)
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