Whizlabs XML Certification Exam Simulator Review

By Valentin Crettaz
Software by Whizlabs Software Ltd
USD 74.95

By releasing a new version of Whizlabs XML Certification Exam Simulator, Whizlabs once again confirms its leadership in the IT certification test simulators business.

Whizlabs XML Certification Exam Simulator is targeted at people who would like to be prepared for the "XML and Related Technologies" certification (IBM Test 141). The application provides five mocks exams containing 285 questions with a big emphasis on scenario-based ones. As an added bonus, it also features a brief and concise, yet good, XML tutorial. This test engine will bring you in a real-exam-like situation in which you have 90 minutes to answer 57 questions. It assists you in saving time by allowing you to mark a question and come back to it later. Once you have answered all questions, you may either review your answers (provided time isn't up), or go ahead and finish the exam. In the later case, the tool will generate an evaluation report that gives you feedback on your performance and allows you to browse through the detailed and high-quality explanations. The test reports can be saved into an overall test report containing the reports of all the test you have taken.

Whizlabs XML Certification Exam Simulator also provides a test customizer that allows you to build up your own mock exams. You can choose the kind of questions you want to be asked, the difficulty level of the questions as well as the time you will be given to complete your test. Used correctly, this feature will allow you to be focused, to put your energy and concentrate on specific topics.

The interactive quiz feature contains 115 questions and allows you to build your own quiz. You can preset the kind of questions you want to be asked and decide how much time you want to spend on each question. Once the time is up, your answer is freezed and there is no way to change it. This can be a good way to assess how well you resist to pressure and stress.

I would have expected that the explanations of the questions on the test report be linked with the provided XML tutorial or even with pertinent XML web sites, hopefully this will be included in upcoming releases. Also, the design of the menu bar does not really satisfy to the widely accepted industry standards and would need to be improved. The latter change is underway and should be incorporated in the next version of the tool.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that being committed to bring high-quality products to market and dedicated to its customers, Whizlabs offers an unconditional money back guarantee. It is also worth noting that Whizlabs will soon make an online version of Whizlabs XML Certification Exam Simulator available on the web.

Basically, I very much appreciated this commercial test engine which can turn any XML-unaware into a fair XML-certified developer. The questions are well worded and are often based on practical examples which facilitates comprehension. The explanations given in the answers also satisfied me. Whizlabs is making a safe bet with this tool which is well worth the 75 bucks.

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