May News

JavaRanch moved to a Dedicated Server using Orion as the J2EE engine. Conversion was extremely smooth thanks to the good people at EJIP.NET.

Announcing new Bartenders!
If you look at our main Saloon page, you will see a several new names. Yes, I'm pleased to announce that we've added a number of new Bartenders here at JavaRanch:

Jose Botella
Simon Brown
Michael Matola
Michael Pearson
Ilja Preuss
Rob Ross
Jessica Sant
Dirk Schreckmann
Mark Spritzler

These folks were all selected based on their history of helpful, informative posts, and we're very happy to have them join us. Welcome, all!

Also, you'll notice that many of the other bartender names are moving around to different forums, as we've given everyone a chance to move around and try new things if they wish. So, if you see that your favorite forum has a new bartender, please make him/her welcome there. Enjoy...

As always JavaRanch is dedicated to providing you with the best source of information on Java Programming and Engineering.

by Carl Trusiak