Book Review of the Month

Java Tools for Extreme Programming
by Richard Hightower, Nicholas Lesiecki
You can happily ignore the main title of this book. Sure there's a nod toward extreme programming, but that's not what this book is really all about. This book is a fine introduction to a whole bunch of really useful tools to boost your Java and especially J2EE programming. And all the tools can be downloaded, source code and all, for free! There are too many tools to list here, but they include the best-of-breed Ant build system, JUnit, HTTPUnit, ServletUnit and Cactus test frameworks, load and performance analysers and some great libraries for interacting with other servers.

Two major test cases are carried through the book to show the benefits of each approach. Each tool covered gets at least a chapter of tutorial, and some of the major ones also get an appendix of API and configuration information.

This book was almost too useful to review. It's been open on my desk from almost the minute I got it and has greatly improved many aspects of my development process. If you want to get up to speed quickly and practically on a load of useful, powerful, tools - get this book. Everyone I've shown it to has wanted their own copy ...

(Frank Carver - Sheriff, February 2002)
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