January News

JavaRanch has added a number of new forums to better assist people in their hunt for information.
  • Distributed Java - Topics covering RMI, CORBA, Jini, Jiro, JXTA etc.
  • Web Services/SOAP - SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, ebXML etc.
  • JNLP and Web Start
  • XML Certification - Topics related to XML Certification exam from IBM.
  • BEA/Weblogic
  • IBM/Websphere
  • Orion
  • Oracle/OAS
  • Apache/Tomcat
  • Sun/iPlanet
  • Jakarta Projects
  • Other Java Products and Servers

    Servlets and JSP split to prevent the traffic on one of the topics from covering your questions on the other.

    December was a trying month, plagued with hardware and software problems. A hardware problem resulted in JavaRanch being off line at the worst possible time of the year. After Ejip.Net worked furiously to restore JavaRanch, vital software files became corrupted. This lead to another frantic push with the good people of InfoPop to repair and upgrade the Saloon software.
    However, every dark cloud has its Silver lining:
    The new server Ejip.Net has placed JavaRanch on is larger, quicker and the operating system has been upgraded to the latest available. The Tomcat server has also been upgraded to 3.3 with all the performance enhancements that brings.
    The Saloon software had a major jump from version 4.x to 6.1 which has a lot of new features available. Note: We are currently reviewing and discussing the features available, we will bring each on that we feel will best benefit you our users. Watch for the face of the Saloon to take some subtle and not so subtle changes as we do this.

    What's the future hold in store?
    The bunkhouse is to be shifted to one with a searchable JDBC back end. While we are still in the requirements gathering mode, new features will include:

  • Searching for books by title, author, publisher, review rating etc.
  • Sorting of results alphabetically, review rating etc.
  • Allow multiple reviews on the same book for more information,
  • Allow Comparisons of books on similar topics

    As always JavaRanch is dedicated to providing you with the best source of information on Java Programming and Engineering.