Book Review of the Month

Advanced Java 2 How to Program
by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel , Sean S. Santry
As complete a coverage of the Java platform as one can get.

Each chapter briefly explains the Java technology it covers and then shows you how it is used. Every listing is explained in detail. I find the explanations clear and easy to understand. I however hated having to page back and forth in the book to see the explained code in context. Separate listings book ?

Their case studies are relevant and can be used as a great resource for your own projects at home and at work. It would have been nice if Class Diagramís were added. This would have helped one to understand the solutions better.

Considering the pure volume of the example code you will forgive me that I did not install and try it all. But what Iíve played around with compiled and worked perfectly.

The accompanying CD is a gem. Other authors should use it as an example to see how it should be done. I was especially impressed by the installation instructions for the accompanying software; clear, precise and accurate.

Yep I have to say something about it. I love the color they use extensively in the book. It makes the reading of listings especially easy.

This book must be one of the most complete Java books available at the moment. I highly recommend it.

A note of caution, donít expect in depth overage on each subject. There simply is no space. They however provide extensive resources for further studies. (Johannes de Jong - Bartender, December 2001)
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Chosen by Cindy Glass and Jane Griscti