Java Sample Code

Yep, there's plenty o that here. But before you start diggin holes all over the place we want to let you know that JavaRanch isn't a script archive or code mill where ya go to grab code, fight with it, and dump it into yer project without knowing what it does and how it works. Our goal here is to try an guide greenhorns down the path to learnin how these darn things work for themselves.

Most of our code is kept in the Code Barn but that's not the only place where you'll find it.

Every so often, when the critters don't need tending and the fishin ain't all that good, we release a new edition of the JavaRanch Journal. They say a code sample is worth a thousand words (or was that a picture?) but that don't mean that there ain't no merit in spillin a thousand words if it helps you to understand what something does before givin to ya.

Heck some concepts are just hard to understand, even with the code starin ya straight in the face. Sometimes it makes sense to light a fire, sit back, and have someone explain it to ya in plain ol English; comparin it to simple things that ya already know about. So mozey on over to the Camp Fire and see if it don't help to make those bits o code fall into place.

Still can't find what yer lookin fer, or still don't quite understand what that piece of code does? Well then, head on over to the Saloon. That place is always full of people you can ask. There're lots of code samples there as well.

Shy about asking questions in a saloon? Not sure you know the best way to approach folks with your question? Well we've all been there. We even wrote a guide to askin questions there. What if the question's been asked and answered lots o times aleady? When that happens, someone usually takes a little time to put a new entry in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Go over and take a look.

Some of the folks over there like talkin so much, we gave em their own Radio Show.
(sshhh, don't tell them this but... They ain't really on the radio. It's one o those blog thingys but, either way, there are plenty o code samples there to go along with what their talkin about)

Now we gave you the shovel and we just told you where to start diggin but you say you've got a stagecoach to catch and don't have time to dig through all those pages? Well the FAQ page and the saloon both have them new fangled search tools on em so you could try using them and see if it don't get ya just what you're lookin fer.

Now you help yourself to as much as you like, it's all free. We're just hoping you'll stick around a bit and maybe help out some of newer greenhorns that might come wandering in. Now I'd love to hang around and jaw with ya all day but I'm late fer my nap.

Thanks fer stopping by.

written by Ben Souther