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Assignment Java-1a (Hundred)

Purpose: To learn how to follow the style guide, how to get the argument from the command line, how to use variables, how to concatenate strings, how to use a loop effectively, and how to output to the screen (standard out).

Write a program that will read in a name from the command line and write it out 100 times.

In other words, I want to type

             java Hundred Gertrude

and see

To do this, you will need to know how to:

If you have completed the first pass of the assignment, take a look at these 'common mistakes' before you submit it. It might save you a lot of time.

Hint: Instructor's solution is 20 lines long, including 2 blank lines. **

Assignment Java-1b (Hundred)

Purpose: To gain a little experience with math in Java.

Formatting is not necessary, but modify Java-1a so words are never split up. Assume that the console is 80 characters wide.

In other words, I want to type

             java Hundred Gertrude

and see

Hint: Instructor's solution is 26 lines long, including 2 blank lines and one comment line.

** Your assignment will most likely not be the same size as the instructor's solution. This information is provided because some students have turned in assignments that are far more complex than required. This information gives you an idea of how sophisticated your solution should be.

After you have tied up this assignment, lasso the next one:

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