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Grab your marshmallows and a stick and gather 'round the campfire for some Java stories. The Ranch writers won't be winnin' any literary prizes, that's fer sure. But ya still might learn a thing or two.

Getting in Touch with your Inner Class
A bittersweet, yet ultimately uplifting story.
Prerequisites: Understand Classes, Objects, Static vs. Instance members

Evil Unit Testing
Everybody goes on and on about unit tests. Sure, sure, sure, it is all well and good until it starts to SCREW UP EVERYTHING! A few minutes with this article will make everything right as rain.
Prerequisites: having written a few small programs.

Cup Size
A tale of Java variables
Prerequisites: a pulse

Pass-by-Value Please
Cup Size.. the story continues
Prerequisite:Cup Size

How my Dog learned Polymorphism
You too can learn one of the most powerful concepts in all of OOP-land.
Rating: BEGINNER++
Prerequisite: Understand Classes, Objects and References

Better Enterprise/Network Monitoring with Component Diagnostics
When Captain Picard asks for a Level 3 diagnostic, what, exactly, does that mean? If your component goes stupid, do you want to fix it before your boss finds out? The alternative might be users calling customer service, calling the veep who calls your boss who ... well .... you get the idea.
Prerequisites: having written a server component.

Evil Ant Build Properties
So you need to check your code in, but when you do a "get latest" on version control, the build breaks. You check with the guy that checked in the stuff that doesn't work and "well, it works for me!" -- he's checked in some environment stuff that works on his system, but not yours. There are some solutions, but ... a lot of those solutions have worse problems! This article explores several different lousy solutions and recommends a hybrid solution - not perfect, but a big improvement!
Prerequisites: having worked in a multi developer environment.

Cat and Mouse Games with Bits
Bit manipulations in Java
Prerequisite:Cup Size

Uncle Martin's Ghost Stories
Tales of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), Rational Unified Process (RUP), and Extreme Programming (XP) from Martin Fowler.
Rating: None
Prerequisite: None