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Beginners Java 2 v1.5 2004 on DVD
by Neal Ford

D.V. Press
1 edition


Reviewed by Mark Spritzler, November 2004
  (8 of 10)

One of the things that I hadn't seen in the Java World was training videos, or in this case training DVDs. Not much difference there, except you can cover a lot more than on a Video. The other thing I would like to see is an "Audio Book" that you can hear while driving to work, so that you can learn Java there too. Maybe these guys will put one out.

Ok, now to the review. I found this DVD to be very informative, and covers many topics. The quality of the video and audio remind of my AV days in High School, but heck you don't expect Visual Effects like today's Hollywood movies do ya? You can get over the quality and enjoy learning Java. Overall this DVD covers all of Java, and not much about all the new features in Java 5.0, although there is a chapter later that covers it. But this DVD shouldn't be about the new features, but about teaching Java. This is where it make me wonder if a programming beginner watching this DVD will understand all that is being said. There seems to be a "pre-requisite" knowledge before viewing.

Now, on the other side, I really did like the topics that were covered, and Neal pounds the point of following standards in code and OO principles, that every developer needs to follow. I like the way that Neal presents and teaches, and would recommend this DVD.

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