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Succeeding with Use Cases: Working Smart to Deliver Quality
by Richard Denney

Addison-Wesley Professional
1 edition
May 2005
336 pages

Reviewed by Jeanne Boyarsky, August 2005
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"Succeeding with Use Cases : Working Smart to Deliver Quality" walks you through four quality engineering disciplines: quality function deployment, software reliability engineering, model based specification and use case configuration management. Most of the book is readable by project managers, while model based specification (pre conditions, post conditions and invariants) is of special interest to developers and testers.

As you can guess, the book assumes you already know about use cases. For the most part, the authors are good about going into detail without making any further assumptions of your background. Examples include concrete numbers and the diagrams are excellent. Once chapter does get theoretical and use algebra, but it is immediately followed by a practical application.

Personally, I found the reasoning and walkthrough of the ROI example to be most valuable. The book does read like a short textbook and academics are explicitly mentioned as one of the target audiences. However, you can tell the book is written by someone who has been through it personally. Overall, I found the book to be a valuable read.

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