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When yer new to town, it's always a good idea to stop by the local watering hole to learn the lay of the land. The Big Moose Saloon is a place to talk to folks about Java - especially Java Certification. There are discussion forums on more advanced topics too.

Are you ready for the Java Certification exam? You'll need to be quick on your feet to pass, and being quick on your feet takes practice. Head over to the Rules Roundup to prepare yourself. Think of it as a Java mock exam with cows.

Saddle up, greenhorn! We're gonna write some actual Java code. The trailboss will tell you what to do, but don't worry, he won't give you more than you can handle. Just remember that a cattle drive is a place for hard work. If you think you will learn Java faster with actual experience, this sure beats reading the Java Tutorial.

No TV at The Bunkhouse, so if you have some time on yer hands, you might want to sit by the fire with a good book. The trailboss and the cowgirl have stuck a note on the bookshelf pointing out which books are worth readin'.

You can find the cowgirl at The campfire every night! Her favorite stories to tell are "How my Dog learned Polymorphism" and "Getting in Touch with your Inner Class."

Familiarize yourself with some of the basics, including Applets, showing images and Threads. The Code Barn features sample programs with the source running as an applet.

VanRenseleer is the top cluck of the coop and a pretty decent coder too. All of us at the ranch have long ago conceeded to VanRenseleer's Java coding style, which he has thoroughly documented in his Java Style Guide. He never lets us forget as every morning he wakes us up by crowing "Cooooode Revieeeeeeeew".

Don't misunderstand, Gramps has traveled to a lot of interesting places. It's just that he repeats himself. A lot. We've taped a list of his most interesting Java related travels on the back of his rocker. We suggest you check the list while Gramps is napping.

Granny has been writing code since the old days and she has a few pearls of wisdom that can make your coding life a lot easier. So take a few minutes and pay close attention.

Contact us.

No actual cows were used in testing Rule Roundup.

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